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"Jeffrey Alexander has a long, meandering career in the subterranean depths of the New Weird America, where free/freak folk, post-rock, and experimental electronics intersect. From The Iditarod to his recent Dire Wolves project and his shepherding of the now defunct Secret Eye label, Alexander has remained a stalwart practitioner on the outer fringes." - Max Burke for Ad Hoc

Welcome to my SUBSCRIPTION / PATRON page!

We'll be going deep here with rare and unheard recordings that I have made with The Iditarod, Black Forest/Black Sea, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Stefano Pilia, Andrea Belfi, Fursaxa and a bunch of other surprises. Not to mention loads of solo recordings and oodles of Dire Wolves of various vintage. In addition to these archival gems going back 20 years, subscribers will also get brand new recordings - an exclusive release will be posted EVERY SINGLE MONTH. The well is deep.

Right off the bat, you get downloads of EIGHTEEN long-out-of-print Dire Wolves cassettes, including the very first double-tape from 2009. Half of these are subscriber-exclusives and the other half are back-catalog bonuses for signing up. You get all existing subscriber download codes immediately (50 releases at this point !) Digital-only subscriptions (Tier 1) are $60/year (only $5 a month) to directly support this freakery and enjoy myriad zones all year long. Thank you.

That's a one-time charge. (after fees i only get $51). That’s like $1 per album. Or 15cents per song. Actually, no - its like I’m paying you to listen to this stuff. WHAT A DEAL !

Those who wish to be a PATRON will get all of this bounty and more. (The $100/year digital+physical Tier 2 option). Patrons will be mailed exclusive physical media starting with CDs and pro-manufactured cassettes. With enough patrons on board, I'll move to deluxe vinyl pressings. There will be at least 2 unique patron releases each year, but the frequency will increase along with the patronage. Aleady in the first year, there have been a few cassettes, a few CDs, a lathe cut 7" and the new DWLVS Bolinas LP. More to come! Let's get weird.

Bandcamp tell me that at either level, "fans can pay more if they choose". That would be lovely, if you decide to be a gold star supporter :)

* note, I did recently have to update overseas shipping costs, and this sucks, but obv unavoidable. Shipping LPs and tapes and 7"s overseas this year, cost me more than your subscription. YIKES.

Since its launch in early 2020, the archival subscription series at has featured exclusive releases from Black Forest/Black Sea, The Iditarod, Dire Wolves, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Jeffrey Alexander + The Heavy Lidders and more. New exclusive content is added every single month.

Your subscriptions and direct patronage supports the continued creation of these out there musics. Recording costs, travel expenses for live performance, manufacturing and pressing costs, artwork, publicity, on and on. The old models of supporting artists are not working, so I'm going to try an even older one. Thanks for tuning in.

“If there was ever an artist that was perfect for a Bandcamp subscription, it’s Jeffrey Alexander. With a seemingly bottomless well of an archive with over 20 years’ worth of material from his solo ventures, various bands and side projects, you’ll certainly get the best bang for your hard-earned buck. Subscribers can gain access to brilliant exclusive archival records (both physical and digital) that often rival Alexander’s wider released content. The just announced Lost Bolinas Sessions record by the Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band is certainly a prime example of this." - Keith Hadad for Record Crates United

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